There are many ways to generate traffic for your channel of YouTube. But today, I will narrow the list down to just 5. But actually, not just any 5. The Top 5 Ways! Let’s get started.

By creating High-quality videos and problem-solving videos: Creating high-quality videos is the best way to increase your YouTube subscriber base and get more viewers. You can also create new content from existing content. People search for how-to tutorials and answers on YouTube. In one year alone, the COVID-19 pandemic created 4 billion hours of ‘how to’ videos. So, if you want to increase traffic, try creating content that solves problems for your target audience.

Create Videos on basis of Keywords: Creating content with high-quality keywords is essential for increasing your YouTube traffic.In fact, using video SEO is an excellent way to reach your goals on YouTube. For example, you can create a video with a recipe for Amritsari Chole Masala (how-to video just like explained above) and for more virality, you should optimize your YouTube video to include the most relevant and trending keywords. So, in the case of this example, don’t miss out on “recipe”, “how to prepare”, “easy recipe” etc…

Publish videos on Holidays: Create and upload videos on popular holidays. This will increase your YouTube views, because most people will not be doing so and there is way less competition. By uploading videos to YouTube during these holidays, you will hence increase your subscriptions, likes, viewers and so on. Creating content on holidays is a smart trick which will increase your channel’s traffic.

Yes, sweat when people have fun…it will pay off!

Use YouTube Shorts: YouTube Shorts are a great way to get more views on YouTube. They are short and funny videos that you can upload to your YouTube channel. Shorts are also a good way to build a targeted audience for your channel, so make sure to make Shorts which are relevant to your channel’s topic and to your longer videos. The great thing about YouTube shorts is that you don’t need to invest a lot of time in making them because they’re relatively quick to make. Also, they can be very unconventional, which means you can experiment with different ideas! These videos can be anything from a prank, to a comedy sketch, or even just an interview with your favorite celebrity. Don’t forget to put hashtags including #shorts, so you reach more people!

The below video is a good example of how to make nice Shorts.

Buy real YouTube views: There are many ways to get more views on YouTube, but one of the most popular options – due to its simplicity – is to buy real youtube views. Buying youtube views from an authentic provider will increase your video’s ranking in search results and give you more exposure.

Buying youtube views helps with advertising revenue and showing your videos to more people. The only important thing to remember before purchasing YouTube views, is to buy only real views from real users. Why? Well, buying fake views is actually illegal and could harm your channel. Purchase only from reputable sources and you should be fine. The reason behind the illegality of buying views or likes is that once someone sees your video and realizes you are getting more views than what your videos deserve, they may try to contact YouTube in order to report it. So, if your account gets reported for purchasing fake content, your videos may be removed from YouTube. Definitely not worth the risk! Right? So, keep it real.

So, as you can see, a little goes a long way in this situation. And these 5 strategies I shared with you, they’re shown to be effective. Just give them a go and see if they bring in additional results to your YouTube Channel, and how your traffic will be better.

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