Hey reader, welcome to my new blog post. By reading the headline of this blog post you already got an idea that we are going to see how we can grow our youtube channel in 2022. But as we already know many ways how to grow our youtube channel. So this is not very different but this will be a quick guide that helps you to grow your channel views and subscribers.

So, let’s have a quick look at this guide.

Let’s get started by step by step

Step 1-

Discover Unused Video Keywords: Ranking your video became more complicated in 2022 because many Youtubers try to rank their video on the Youtube search engine. And as we know that Youtube is the second most popular search engine in the world. So we know keywords play a very important role to rank videos. Choosing the appropriate keyword might greatly impact your video’s performance. 

To create a list of seed keywords. As per your niche search for broad topics from different channels of social media or Google.

Then search that keyword in the youtube search by using the keyword planner tool and you will have a number of keywords suggestions. Get the best long-tail keywords that have low competition. After selecting the keywords, let’s get to the next step.

Step 2-

Create Videos that can be Optimized for Watch Time: As we all know youtube is #1 for keeping people entertained on their site. For this youtube’s algorithm gives special importance to Watch Time.  Watch Time is nothing but optimizing spent time on your videos by visitors. So, Youtube’s algorithm is always optimized to spend watching time on your videos.

You will be surprised that Youtube loves to track up lots of watching time. Youtube shows your videos to more viewers by analyzing how much time are spending viewers on your videos. So, this is very much important to create videos that can be optimized for Watch Time. In short, create a quality content video that can keep your viewers watching your videos on Youtube.

Now how to create such type of video? So keep these points in mind while making a video.

  • Create Long Videos
  • Make the introduction part more concise
  • Plan your videos in Advance

Step 3-

Optimize Your Videos: We all know that optimising our videos for search engines is essential, so let’s get started on SEO. If you’re not sure, or even if you are, remember these tips and apply them to your video SEO efforts.

  • Optimize Keywords that you already researched and added to your videos.
  • Always write catchy titles for your videos 
  • Must write SEO friendly descriptions using your keywords (don’t forget about keywords to add in description and title too)
  • Optimize your video tags before adding them to your videos

Step 4-

Design a good Thumbnail that stands out than others: Thumbnails are well-known, but it’s important to continue innovating and improving them to ensure that your videos’ thumbnails are visually appealing. Consequently, while creating thumbnails for your film, make sure to stick with a consistent theme style and look for inspiration from other well-designed graphics..

Step 5-

Create Optimized Playlist: Creating playlists is essential because if a visitor views your video, it shows he like watching it. This means that in addition to watching more of your videos, he wants to learn more about the subject matter that you cover. If your videos are just for entertainment purposes, most viewers will want to play a playlist so that they can watch them all at once without having to stop and restart.

Step 6-

Promote Videos to more Audience: Even if youtube has been ranked as the second most popular website in the world, it doesn’t imply our video will be seen if we post it there. You may not receive more views since you’re already well-known on YouTube, but you could get more because of a little boost in visibility. So, spread the word about your films to more people.

Sharing your movies on many platforms is possible, such as by creating a free blogger site and adding your video to it. As a result, folks who like reading will be able to locate your blog and video using Google.

You may also use email marketing to spread the word about your video. When your subscribers get an email from you, they’ll be reminded to view your videos if they open the email.

This was the quick guide for growing the Youtube channel in 2022. Work on these steps and grow your channel on Youtube and also on other platforms too.

Keep reading, Keep supporting.

Thank You.

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