The Internet became the most fantastic source of Entertainment. As the internet has a lot of options in terms of entertainment, many consumers are turning to the internet as a result of rising movie rental, cable, and satellite TV fees. On the internet, there are numerous websites, like Youtube where you can watch many videos like funny videos, songs, comedy serials etc. You can also watch movies too.

As already all know that Youtube is a great place to watch videos totally free over the Internet. YouTube is a video-sharing website that enables internet users like you to not only watch but also share videos. Youtube has an infinite amount of videos to choose from because it allows other internet users to upload their own videos on Youtube. Youtube has so many videos to choose from that they have categories, which makes it easier for you to find them on Youtube as per your interest.

Comedy is the most popular video category on Youtube. There are many subcategories that fall under Comedy Category videos. The number of Youtube comedy videos are scripted, but there are also many other videos that are shot on the spur of the moment. You will frequently discover that these videos are the most amusing. No matter what kind of YouTube comedy video you watch, you’re bound to laugh.

Video categories on Youtube

If you see Entertainment is another video category which you will find most popular on Youtube. When the users are getting bored they really want some entertaining videos to watch. If you search Entertainment category video on Youtube, you will find a large selection of lists. These Entertainment videos can be anything like your favourite music videos, television shows, short movies, etc. But Youtube doesn’t have permission to publish many videos on Youtube.

The next most popular category is Pets and Animals. In this category, videos are about pet’s life and about their caring tips. Many YouTubers share their experience of how they are taking care of their pets. Many videos are also comedy, as you will see how the users caught funny moments of their pets and share them on Youtube with others. So, if you have pets in your home then you are one of them watching videos in the category of Pets and Animals.

These are not enough, there are more categories like Travel and Places, People and Blogs, How-To and Do It Yourself, Gadgets and Games, Films and Animations, Autos and Vehicles, and many more. Basically, whatever you’re looking for in terms of entertainment, you should be able to find it on YouTube, and with detailed categories, finding what you’re looking for is simple.

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