Youtube is one of the best places to go if you love to watch enjoyable and engaging videos for free. Else if you love to share or explore something and share with others youtube is the best platform. YouTube, with its online community, will be considered a social networking service in some ways.

A majority of Youtube users are very unsure why they should visit the Youtube Community area. If you are also one of these then don’t worry, you are not alone because security has become such a huge worry. Many people are worrying about connecting with strangers on the Internet. So, while using community areas on Youtube you should exercise caution to be safe on the Internet.

Youtube Community
So how you should join the communities on Youtube?

The YouTube community can be formed by a few different groups. If you really have videos that can be funny or entertaining, then you should join the groups where only funny videos can be shared by requesting that it be added to the group of funny videos. Or if you are the only viewer then you can ask for some of your favourite videos to be added to a certain YouTube community group. Youtube Community is not only allowing you quick access to videos but will also allow you to have discussions with other members of the group.

If you want to join a Youtube community group you need to go on the top of the Youtube website and click on the Community option and you will see the vast list of Youtube community groups. Now you can select any group of your choice by checking all the details on the group. Joining a YouTube community group is very good and it connects you with other users too who share your interests.

If you love to interact with other users on Youtube you might want to consider going to YouTube’s TestTube area. The TestTube section can be accessed by clicking the “TestTube” link. YouTube is currently working on a technology that you may check out that allows internet users who are watching the same video to discuss it. In some ways, it functions as both an online message board and an online chat room. While this feature is still in its early phases of development, it is guaranteed to become a YouTube sensation.

As previously said, YouTube is more than just a place to watch and share videos. You can also participate in any of the current debates on the site. If you haven’t already, you should give it a try because it simply adds to the pleasure and excitement of YouTube.

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